Garden update July 2017

A few weeks ago I promised to take anyone interested along with me in my latest and probably hardest garden project to date. I have to admit when we first saw our garden space we thought this was the smallest garden we’d ever had. Now it’s taking shape we’re realising it’s far larger than we first thought, and a lot harder work. There’s more than what I’m going to show today finished, but it’s difficult to reveal all at once when there’s stuff piled in the way making photo-taking impossible.

What I can show you is one side of our first three tiers, which, if you remember, we’ve taken from this (top view looking down):

with the help of these:

to this (view looking up):

Can’t wait for the plants to establish. Further along we’re getting on with the herb garden, and a lavender bed among other things. I’m shoveling dirt in my sleep and can barely keep my eyes open when awake.

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  1. Many thanks! As you know it’s been a long journey for me to get here when my life was unexpectedly turned upside down. Just an FYI, the third Snow Angel book is on its way. Should be out November. Just hope it ties everything up and makes for an enjoyable read as this one was a hard call of how much research to use. All three books will be in print.

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