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Praise for Angel Heart

The novella sequel to Snow Angel.

Passion, love and the trials of life share in the emotional journey Ms. Bidwell pens for her men. Angel Heart is a sweet romance with sizzling love scenes that readers are sure to enjoy.

Dean is your typical Alpha male with a good helping of insensitivity that sometimes hides his tender emotions. Jay, however, will capture your heart from the very start and will have you rooting for him. I really enjoyed this book as it presents a relationship where neither partner is perfect, but these idiosyncrasies are what make them perfect for each other. I must admit that Dean was not a likeable character in my opinion in the first book Snow Angel, but this time we get to know him better and see him through Jay’s eyes which shows how Dean, despite all his faults, is exactly what Jay wants and needs. – Bella, Two Lips Reviews

I liked the honesty between Jay and Dean, as well as the realism of the story. – Joyfully Reviewed

This continuation is a tender and poignant story of two men struggling against bitter outside interference that at times threatens to tear their hard won love apart. The storyline is realistic and the characters likeable and well-rounded, and I wanted nothing more than to tell Jay’s sister to keep her bigoted opinions to herself. It’s a wonderfully crafted and well described passionate story filled with sizzling hot love scenes that readily showed the affection these two men had for each other. – My Book Cravings

In Angel Heart you see more of the boys (from Snow Angel). He (Dean) is frustrated at time and finds the constrictions of society maddening. … Not that he gives a rat’s ass if anyone complained, if that makes sense, but he is pretty much a man used to feeling self-assured. Which is why it makes such good reading… – Sharrow, a reader

Thank you!

I’m so glad you revisited these two.

I want more!

Quality writing!

Made me hot and bothered.

Any chance for a book for April?

You stayed true to the characters!

– Reader Comments (Angel Heart)