“Sharon’s work is like strawberry threads in a sweet azure world. With her delicate, flowing, miasma-like prose she weaves a world around her readers, takes them on a journey, and lets them peer through her own unique looking glass. Sometimes through this glass you will see a world of rainbow colours; sometimes an altogether much darker place. Her writing is an intense and mesmerising experience, I find each of her works – be it poetry, a short story, or a novel in progress – always a fascinating marriage of beauty and terror.

In the case of short stories, I always appreciate her progress of action to a cathartic climax while all the while being able to treasure the observations of people’s behaviour that hit the mark. Spot on, every single time.

Her poems do not fail to impress. I remember being spellbound upon reading one of her pieces entitled Foam. Sure footed, not a word out of place and the ending really is ‘laugh out loud’.

Sharon’s work covers a giddying range of subjects, themes and settings. The protagonists could be madwomen or they could be men, the period could be now, it could be the second world war or it could be seventeenth century New England.

She is as diverse in her style and approach as she is in her themes, with the tone going from comic to tragic through whimsical to surreal and back again.”

— Stuart Thorogood – Author

Stuart Thorogood, author