A Slow Fuzzy Screw

Note: Aspen expressed an interest in my writing a m/m story so I sort of half-promised and then gulped as try as I might, I couldn’t think of a plot. Then they launched their Del Fantasma series, set in a bar where the supernatural and humans hang out, run by a vampire called Cody Warren. Although each book is part of the series, each is a separate story so you can read one or dip in as you like, the only provision being that each is based on a drink. I decided I simply HAD to write a m/m story for this. In case you’re interested, I’ve included the drink that inspired this story at the base of this page.

Genre: Paranormal, m/m non-traditional Romance, Novella, (R-18)


What’s your favourite cocktail? Try the flavour…

Shayne’s heard great things about the bar, Del Fantasma. Experience has taught him to be careful when it comes to relationships, even relationships that last for only a few hours. Still, he’s a young gay man and if there’s one thing he wants tonight, at the very least he’d like to get laid. The trouble is, he has poor taste in men. Cody Warren, owner and bartender of Del Fantasma might just find him another flavour.

Leon’s disillusioned with life and haunted by his past. To complicate matters further, he’s a shape-shifter. He wants companionship, even needs it, for he fears if he doesn’t have someone in his life he might just wake up one day with no reason for life to continue. He wants someone he can feel comfortable with long-term, rather than the organised sexual encounters designed to repopulate his species, but, so far, he’s not met anyone emotionally strong enough to stick around for long.

Shayne’s looking for something out of the ordinary and he can’t say he hasn’t found it. Leon’s looking for another type of relationship but Shayne’s not quite what he expected. This time, surely Cody Warren’s matchmaking skills must be off-kilter.

When Shayne asks for a Slow Screw in order to capture the bartender’s attention, he’s not aware there’s more than one blend of the cocktail. The question is whether he’ll enjoy such a new and interesting flavour.

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This page has one excerpt, rated 18.


Shayne’s not looking for anything serious, just something extraordinary. He finds it, in the ‘shape’ of a man called Leon.


Leon lifted and carried Shayne to the bed before he could cry out in either surprise or horror. The man moved with catlike stealth when he wanted to and Shayne no sooner stepped out of the last of his clothes than muscle surrounded him. He expected Leon to fling him onto the bed but, instead, the big man laid him down with surprising gentleness. He lay back, silent, waiting for whatever other strange things would unfold this night.

“You are beautiful,” Leon said, though he made the statement sound more quizzical than complimentary. Those large fingers fiddled with Shayne’s dark curls, petting, patting, as though Shayne were some kept creature. “Your scent is sweet even when your fear eases.”

“I didn’t think fear would have a sweet scent.”

“It doesn’t. Not exactly. It’s sour, but to a predator what it means is sweet.”

“And what does it mean?” Shayne became aware of his pulse jumping in his neck. The fear eased back but the anxiety never left him completely, as though it couldn’t.

“It means that you are victim to my desires.”

Shayne knew Leon was about to dip his head and kiss that jumping pulse even before the man leaned in towards him. Leon did more than he expected though. He took the flesh there in his teeth, and licked the skin. Shayne cried out, his spine bowing, his hands rising instinctively to push Leon away and encountered…solid muscle. He pushed and nothing happened except that tongue licked again. Leon feasted, and Shayne, aware that this man could rip out his throat, writhed under him as the feeling edged into pain. The pain never quite became unbearable. The pain became something other, something he didn’t know how to endure yet he wasn’t entirely sure he wanted the sensation to stop. He wanted something to change because Shayne knew now, even if Leon hadn’t decided, that he would get his wish. Whatever the morning brought with it, tonight Shayne was going to get laid. If the man kept biting him like this though, he would bruise.

Again, his conflicting emotions assaulted him. On the one hand, he loved this, but he’d loved things such as this before and look where they led him?always to the wrong type of pain.

When Leon drew back, the man uttered one word, “Delicious.”

© Sharon Maria Bidwell, all rights reserved.


There are no doubt more than one example of any given cocktail but this is the variation I used in my story:

Sloe Fuzzy Screw up Against the Wall

Build in a highball glass and fill with orange juice.

• 1 part Vodka
• 1 part Peach schnapps
• 1 part Sloe gin
• dash of Galliano
• top up Orange juice
• 3 Ice cubes


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