Redemption (SS2)


Are you seeking Redemption? Seek it the Swithin way…

Crimm was once part of a politic plot to overthrow the Swithin King. Now he’s the king’s captive. Worse, he’s made to work for a woman and as every Kita man knows, women exist to please men and bear children.

Tihea was Crimm’s woman. She pleasured him because that was what all Kita women trained to do. Now she’s experiencing a different way of life. She’s helping people. They are thanking her rather than merely giving her orders. Swithin women have freedom and the idea intrigues her.

She also finds the sight of Crimm in chains rather stimulating. The tables have turned and quite unexpectedly the first time she gives him an order, it sends a thrill through her that is almost erotic. Tihea is looking to seek her own pleasure, and with Crimm in chains and at her disposal, she may yet slip her bonds. The question is which one of them will enjoy this new kind of freedom.

Having always believed her sole purpose in life was to pleasure a man, Tihea now has the man who gave her orders chained and at her disposal. It’s time they learned that true pleasure is best shared.

© Sharon Maria Bidwell, all rights reserved.


This page contains one excerpt  from Redemption, rated 18:

“Tihea, we should talk. Let’s talk.”

“I thought we were talking.”

There was something wrong with her voice. Her tone was lower, huskier. She…sashayed as she approached. Tihea didn’t sashay. Kita women didn’t move that way; it wasn’t part of their training to move like that. It wasn’t part of a woman’s training to straddle his lap either. Kita men didn’t take a woman like that. To allow a woman on top of you was to give them a dominant position. You took women on their backs, on their hands and knees, so Crimm had never had a woman sit on his lap before. The effect proved…interesting.

He could feel the heat of her sex hovering over his. He swelled and if she couldn’t feel his reaction to her, his name wasn’t Crimm. Tihea undulated her hips.

Oh, she felt him all right.

Crimm swallowed, his head falling back against the chair. He closed his eyes, certain they would roll up into his head otherwise. He’d been a prisoner for eight months and been too busy to think about having sex with a woman in the weeks before then. It was coming up to a year without sex. If she kept moving like that, he’d leave a wet stain in his pants.

“Stop.” He was amazed he got the word out. He couldn’t say if he tried to command her or simply pleaded.

“Meira said you are mine. I can have you if I want.”

Turning his head at an awkward angle so he could see her, Crimm frowned at Tihea. He could tell she wasn’t lying…exactly. She wasn’t telling the truth either. He couldn’t imagine Markis or Meira just leaving him open to any kind of abuse. Well, maybe he could imagine Meira being tempted to do so, but Markis was Swithin and the Swithin were so honourable they made you feel sick. They made you feel as though your entire race were worthless trash, with no goals, no hopes, no true dreams or virtuous desires.

Crimm shook his head. If he didn’t watch out, he’d be thinking like the Swithin before too long. The fools kept him alive. They fed him. They made him work for his food, certainly, but he’d expected slops and instead they gave him good food. His accommodations were what the Swithin considered rough, but he’d had worse. They treated him well. Very well, in fact, considering what he had done.

Tihea waved the small knife under his nose bringing his thoughts back around. “Wha…” Crimm swallowed, thinking that maybe he shouldn’t ask even as he heard himself speaking. “What are you going to do with that?”

“I’m going to do you a favour on such a hot day,” Tihea said. “I’m going to get you out of your clothes.

© Sharon Maria Bidwell, all rights reserved.

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