Effigy in Garnet

Genre: Dark, Gothic, Fantasy, Horror, Short Story (R-15) NOTE: TEASER ONLY BELOW

Effigy in Garnet

What does love mean to you?

Teaser from ‘Effigy in Garnet’ published by Sam’s Dot publishing in ‘Aoife’s Kiss’, and re-published as a reprint in Night to Dawn magazine.

He tasted like rubies.

No. Rubies were more commonly pink, insipid. This taste was darker, richer.

It would be more accurate to say that he tasted like garnets: deep red, with orange flashes of light in the depths. Even with her eyes tightly shut, these flashes were brilliant, blinding!

Well, my goodness. A literary vampire tale that does not have the word “vampire” in it. It’s a love story, of course, not a vampire story. Still, how could I possibly refuse this one…?
Tyree Campbell
Managing Editor
Sam’s Dot Publishing
ps. This is a really good story.


A “Keeper”…

– Barbara Custer, Editor, Night To Dawn

© Sharon Maria Bidwell, all rights reserved.

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