Chilli and Ice

Genre: Romance, Sensual Prose (R-15)


I can no longer read the words on the page, they won’t sit still, behave. My mind is too full of your words to take in any others, to hear what anyone else has to say.

I catch myself daydreaming, unconsciously sucking a finger right down to the bone. For the first time I am aware of how that must feel, the warm cavern, the soft welcome.

Heat and wet in one place, by grace. Have you ever felt your own tongue?

Not just how it feels to put something in your mouth, to roll it around, but the touch of your tongue. Flickering, teasing, soft and hard all at once. Textures, taste.

All at once, I want to feel the bite of chilli, and then soothe the burn with an ice cube. Hear it clack against my teeth from inside my head. Let it melt. Feel the moisture trickle down the depths of my throat… And if there’s any left before it disappears completely, maybe it will cool my skin…

© Sharon Maria Bidwell, all rights reserved.

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