An Act of Generosity

Genre: Contemporary, m/m non-traditional Romance, Novella, (R-18) This page contains one excerpt with adult content.

Is sex enough and can it evolve into love, or will a generous act return to kick Rob where it hurts?

When Rob was young he didn’t mind having a much older boy around — even if Michael wasn’t truly his brother he acted like one. Sadly, Michael died at just twenty, but not before someone led Michael to believe that he had a son. Even though the truth came out, the woman involved turns up in Robert’s life when least expected. Robert Dee just can’t help his generous nature even when someone tries to use that against him. He doesn’t respond to blackmail kindly, but he does the next best thing in memory of a good friend. Robert is generous in the circumstances and makes her a deal that he doesn’t expect her to keep. Even so, he tries his best and then moves on with his life.

Years later, Rob is shocked to have a young man apply for the job as his P.A. He’s not sure he should…hire a man, for Rob is gay and he believes it will send out the wrong message…or maybe the right one, for Lee Chambers isn’t at all what Rob expected. Rob’s instantly attracted and maybe a little bit blinded to the fact that Lee hasn’t been entirely honest on his resume. He also doesn’t know that Lee has tracked him down for other reasons than wanting a job. If only each knew the other was gay they’d get to the bedroom to enjoy each other’s company, but is sex enough and can it evolve into love when one of the two isn’t being entirely honest?

Rob doesn’t want to let Lee go and Lee would love to stay…but his duplicity is killing any chance they have of a relationship. Having a generous and kindly nature can be a curse…or a blessing — especially when it accidentally leads to possibly finding true love, but has an act of generosity returned to kick Rob where it hurts most?

Read an Excerpt…

Lee tried to unglue his eyelids, but they fought his attempts to open them fully. He gave up, rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, but the need to pee felt too urgent. Grumbling he sat up, waiting a moment before rising to his feet, and then he fumbled in the general direction of the door.

He bumped into the wall and, turning away, caught his toe on the one piece of furniture he’d placed there. He’d bought himself a desk and a chair. The only other items in the room were a bed and a clothes rail. None of this truly registered. He felt overcome with the discomfort of his need and his now throbbing foot. Finding the door handle, Lee opened the door, and then made his way along the hall, blinking, still trying to open his eyes and look for a light switch. He gave up, making his way there in the gloom.

Relieved, Lee managed to flush, remembered to wash his hands, surprised to find a clean towel on the rail before stumbling back out into and down the hall. Sudden light blinded him.

“Wha…” He held up a hand in front of his face, blinking fiercely now, finally focusing, entering a kind of fear and flight mode when he realised he could make out the figure of a man a couple of doors down… wearing a dressing gown? Lee’s flat might not be very pleasant, and was one room with a cooker in it, but it had its own small bathroom with a toilet and shower. What was a strange man doing…

Oh fuck! He wasn’t at the flat anymore. He’d moved. This was his first night in Robert Dee’s house, and here he was… standing completely naked in front of his boss. His boss seemed to realise that simultaneously. Lee felt his face grow warm even as an answering flush went through Robert’s face. That reaction puzzled Lee at first, and then he realised that the flush had to be from anger or embarrassment.

“I’m sorry,” Rob said, surprising Lee as he’d been about to say the same thing. “I heard a disturbance, and it didn’t compute it was you. I guess I’m not used to having someone else share the house.”

“My fault,” Lee replied, trying to look nonchalant and to cover his groin with his hands at the same time. “I forgot where I was. I should have put a light on, and…” He glanced down. “I’ll make sure I wear something to bed in future.”

“It’s your bed. What you wear in it is up to you.” Robert turned back to his room, before pausing in the doorway. “Just try to go to the bathroom quietly.”

“Will do,” Lee muttered. He watched Robert close his bedroom door before hurrying past it to his own room. Inside, he leaned against the wall. He must have woken Robert with all that banging about when he’d stubbed his toe and then stumbled down the hall.

This was a good start to his stay here… not! He should have remembered where he was when he’d thought of the furniture in the room. Robert had insisted he wouldn’t take rent, but that Lee could share the bills. The only things he needed, Robert had instructed, were a bed and somewhere to hang his clothes. Robert had suggested he buy something cheap he’d be happy to throw, or something better that he’d eventually want to take with him. Lee had chosen a good bed — a double much to Robert’s apparent amusement — but otherwise picked cheap things that would do for now. The small bedside cabinet and lamp were on loan from Robert.

As Lee sat down on his bed, he reached out and switched on the lamp, staring at the closed bedroom door. He drew his legs up, hugging his knees, ashamed to admit he was now rock hard with the thought of Robert so very, very close by, having seen him naked. Had he started to get a hard-on even as Robert gazed at him? Lee rather thought he might have. He could only hope Robert hadn’t noticed, or had taken it as just one of those things a man had little control over.

Lee sat there, torn between feeling a strange excitement that such a good-looking, extremely nice man lay in a bed just a few yards away, and feeling ashamed to be repaying Robert’s kindness this way. The man deserved better than his lustful thoughts. It was as if Robert had entered his life and changed his luck for him. He couldn’t repay Robert’s kindness by beating off with his image in his head and his name on his lips. He just couldn’t, no matter how much he wanted to do so.

© Sharon Maria Bidwell, all rights reserved.

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