Loose Id

Loose Id is a leading publisher of erotic romance. Read more about this Californian based company on the about me page of the publisher’s website.

My works at Loose Id consist of the following, and web pages for individual titles can be accessed via the drop down menus at the top of this site. These titles are of mixed sexualities though primarily m/m. The Swithin series is at heart a m/m romance despite some m/f scenes, and the spins include one lesbian love store. Cosmic is m/m/f although if you prefer m/m chances are you’ll like the men in this:

  • The Swithin Chronicles and Swithin Spins
    • Note the Chronicles consist of SC1: Uly’s Comet; SC2: The Comet’s Tail, and: SC3, The Comet Cometh.
    • The Spins consist of: SS1: A Queen’s Move; SS2: Redemption, and SS3: A Princely Passion, and can be read as standalone reads.
  • Snow Angel’ and ‘Angel Heart’
  • Cosmic

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