Musa Publishing

It is with great regret I have to announce the closure of Musa Publishing. As of the 28th of February all my titles contracted with them revert to me. While we’re all terribly sorry, I have to say that the staff have handled the closure as efficiently as they have all the organisation. Writers already have their release letters.

What does this mean for my titles? Well, either I look for a new publisher or I self-publish. I will seriously consider both options although I’m not sure self-publishing is something I’ve ever wanted to get into. If I take my books elsewhere though, that likely means an edit and out of all my titles with Musa, there are at least two–Hard Pressed, and Seduced by a Legend–that are my favourites, and I love just the way they are.

I worked with two editors there who have been the best: Elizabeth Silver, and when she left, Helen Hardt. Everyone will stay in touch–many of us will run into each other in writing circles no doubt, and many will actively keep in touch, continue to promote each other–but Musa will be sorely missed.

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