How to be more Creative

A good while ago I put up a post linking to a speech famously given by John Cleese in 1991. I’ve lost the link to that post but found this one. On a good note, it’s less than five minutes to watch rather than the previous quarter of an hour. It also addresses many of the key points in that speech. It’s worth paying attention to. My thoughts returned to this because, although we’re finally in our new house, I’m struggling to get back into writing mode. I’ve two books that desperately call to be finished, but it feels as though everything else equally requires my urgent attention.

There’s probably not a day that goes by when I don’t wish I could follow his advice; sadly, my brain has to work when it gets the opportunity and doesn’t know how to switch off activities. I absolutely understood a moment he refers to, though, when he says you sit down and remember a thousand things to do. That could not be truer after a move, after a major upheaval of completely moving your life and existence to another part of the country. Living here doesn’t feel real because of so many things, not least my trying to recall how to be creative.