My Garden Project

We’ve undergone a journey over the last four years, not of our own choosing. We’ve ended up somewhere, while not the exact place I would choose to live were money and other circumstances were not an issue, but it’s a close second and somewhere we could, at last, be happy. I may write more on that another time, but we’ve lots to do and two moves in four years took its toll on finances, physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We’ve a lot of healing to do as well as more tangible labour. We’ve worked hard the last few weeks to turn our new house into our ‘home’ and before the end of the month, we should see much of that come to fruition. What remains…is the garden. I’ve decided as there’s so much to do and we are starting with a blank slate, to share this part of the journey with others.

This is the smallest garden we have ever owned yet, it involves a lot of necessary work, not all of our own choosing. We have a slope that we need to tier. Were we to hold back the top layer with one retaining wall we’d be installing a wall of approximately 36 x 3.5 feet. We’re going to have three layers, which allows for less pressure on each tier.

The garden ‘problem’ (and it is a problem) is more complicated than needing some tiers. The ground is nothing but clay. What it needs is manure, preferably horse. Friends and neighbours have told us to look for some going free from local farmers. We’re in the countryside but free manure isn’t always as easy to find as many may think. Even if found, it’s often a case of pick up and take; not something we relish putting in the car, to be honest. There are many manure/compost compounds available to buy but there’s a limit to how much we can bring home any one time, and it’s difficult to judge exactly how much we’ll require. The good news is once we dig in and mix with clay the ground will become nutrient rich. Clay isn’t the bad news we believed it to be, but it does require preparation.

We’ve sourced many products and accounted for the expenditure (more than we were hoping for/wish to spend), and are awaiting the arrival of several deliveries including railway sleeps, stone walling, aggregate, and we still need to order some ballast, sand, back fill gravel, and planters.

The photos above are of what we’re starting with. Over the coming weeks, I’ll post an update when there’s improvement.