Subdued Creativity

Life on lockdown is strange. Yes, I know many are acting as though the whole thing is over, but I have family and friends in medical services, and I know it’s not. Even when your daily routine isn’t all that effected, there’s something about lockdown that seems to subdue creativity. I’m not the only writer who has complained about a lack of motivation.

Needing an outlet and something to lessen the stress of lockdown and that motivational abyss, I tried my hand at a more recreational pastime. Instead of fingers to keyboard or pen in hand, I picked up a pencil and paintbrushes. With the help of a few art project books, I started drawing again.

Coloured Pencil Layering

Life is never easy, though this time comes with its own range of particular difficulties. Hoping to pass on something a little inspirational here are a few of those practice pieces. One thing entirely new, I’ve been learning to sketch which is a distinct form of drawing and one that’s a little unsettling as most of these I’ve done straight off with a black pen.

Black Pen Sketch

I’ve tried to start drawing again before but it’s never felt as right as it does now. I think my focus was elsewhere and I was forcing it. Whatever you’re doing at this time, and where ever you find inspiration, many people are trying something new and I hope, along with reading (never stop reading), you find something else to do equally enjoyable.

Chances are…

You will write something you love.

You will write something you hate.

Something you once loved you will come to hate and wonder what in the world you were thinking.

Something you once hated will become loved because you will realise there was more going on in the story than you first thought.

Something you love and even believe is one of your best works will flop.

Something you consider to be weak will be well received and even be a huge success.

You will write jokes no one else gets.

People will laugh at points in the story where you least expect.

You may try a writing contest and get nowhere. The winning entry will leave you scratching your head or possibly sobbing into a pillow.

You will fall out with at least one editor, or one will fall out with you. (This doesn’t mean a screaming match. Fall outs are often quiet. It happens. Personalities clash. Opinions differ. Most publishers understand this and will assign the writer to a new editor.)

You will worry.

You will read something outstanding and wonder whatever made you think you could write.

You will read something lousy and wonder why you are getting nowhere when your work is so much better.

You will want to give up…

…and then get an idea you ‘must’ write.

You will be determined never to stop…

…until the next time you want to give up.