Best of Wishes for Christmas 2021

As I don’t intend to write anything over Christmas, I thought I’d share a couple of photos of our tree before I sign off until my next post, which will be an update either before or just after the new year.

We got the tree two years ago and we love it. Love the open, real tree, nordic feel to the design. This year we put on a set of new lights in both warm white and cool white. We can turn both on at once or have the functions morph from one to the other. Love these lights.

At present we’re just hoping we get to see relatives as planned. Whatever you have planned, whatever your beliefs, and whatever you choose to do this year, I hope things go well. Best of wishes to everyone.

Operation Wildcat

Super excited and so pleased. Was a bit of a secret until now. I was asked to submit a story to this anthology. It’s great to be asked to write for something. It contains my story The Gift.

Ever wondered what happened on Benton’s first official day in UNIT, or why he left to sell used cars? Ever wondered how Benton earned his sergeant stripes? Or what he got up to on his days off?

The UNIT Files: Operation Wildcat & Other Stories, and The Benton Files 2, are now showing on the Candy Jar website for pre-order.

As Operation Wildcat is a hardback, orders will receive a free art card and a copy of The Benton Files 2. Alas, if you order The Benton Files 2 in isolation, you don’t get a free hardback with it!

Join  the Brigadier and Benton in nine short stories looking at life in the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce. 

How Does UNIT select new recruits? And what happens when the clean-up after an alien incursion goes wrong? In Operation Wildcat and Other Stories, you’ll find these things out – and a lot more.

Features stories by Tim Gambrell, Simon A Brett, Iain McLaughlin, Sharon Bidwell, James Middleditch, Baz Greenland, Sarah Groenewegen and Jonathan Macho.