Reads Feb 2023

Mr Murder, Dean Koontz

It’s often easy to forget how many accurate social statements Koontz puts into his novels, but he certainly filled Mr Murder with them. An action packed novel, with a solid plot making for an excellent supernatural thriller. I found the most absorbing sections to be those with the family. Second with the assassin, and thirdly with those following, but this could be because it is a re-read for me and I remember much of the book because of the doppelgänger element of the story. It’s also surprising how dated some books feel because of the advancement of technology; however, as in most Dean Koontz early novels, this doesn’t subtract from the enjoyment.

Wild Ride, Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer

If you’ve read Jennifer Crusie, or a Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer collaboration before, this book is unlike anything they’ve written. There’s a theme park, demons, demon minions, and magic. Plenty to have you engrossed, but if you’re expecting the usual romance, although the book has some romantic elements, this really isn’t romance. It’s a lighthearted but well plotted book that’s a little of fantasy, a little horror, and a little of romance. I’m still not sure if the book is lacking something, but if I asked to imagine what it is, I would say there are so many characters, you don’t get to know all of them deeply. However, that does not spoil the fun of the ride. As for the romances, you won’t learn much about why these people fall in love. In one particular instance, I found this a little disappointing. Still, I’m glad I read this.

Who Whacked Roger Rabbit? Gary K Wolf

Another good book in the Roger Rabbit series. The author must have incredible fun playing with famous people and making them part of his novels. Here, it’s Gary Cooper. The author may also try to get a world record by inventing the most number of toon puns. He certainly excels himself in this book. Jessica makes her usual appearance, this time the most saucy so far.

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