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Hi Everyone!

Living in the countryside isn’t always the holiday atmosphere people assume. Officially on the news the South West has had 3 to 4 times the amount of rain it usually has this time of year, so despite trying to get out and about more, some days have been a bit more like monsoon season making some outings impossible. We went for a meal one night, driving through mist and fog to get there. There’s been a lot of what locals call mizzle, some of it icy. There’s some snow at high altitudes. Trying to sort out the garage and make a start on the garden where we can.

Watched Saltburn mainly owing to all the shocked buzz about the film, but I worked out what was happening and didn’t see all that much to be perturbed about. The real world is far more startling. I can’t say much surprises me.

Both Asteroid City, and Everything Everywhere All At Once, though fun and entertaining, left us with a sense of WTH did we just watch?

It’s easy to see why Brendon Fraser’s performance in The Whale was award-winning, and makes for compelling drama, throwing up a lot of reasons to question personal point of views, mostly for the good. Of course, The Whale doesn’t refer to his size, but to the emotional states of the characters. In particular, Ellie believes her father, Charlie, to be uncaring, and this has affected her attitude. The end is a little abrupt and purposely ambiguous, with various meanings. The film also showed how some people can react in negative ways to emotional upheaval, such as Charlie’s weight gain, a physical representation of the emotions that weigh everyone in the story down.

I at long last found the missing idea for another book, and I am thinking about re-editing another for a re-release, and am working out a new timeline for a book already written.
Stay happy and healthy!
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