Update March 2024

Hi Everyone!

We visited relatives for an extended Easter break and, for once, the journeys weren’t too bad despite a hold-up and diversion when returning home owing to a lorry on fire. Of course, these days, the moment one leaves the main road, there’s little to no help. Gone are the days when anyone puts out signs, and don’t bother relying on GPS as Satnavs try the utmost to turn you around to go back the way you came, placing you on the very road you need to avoid.

Monsoon season continues — we’re on our 8th storm of the year right now — and this is affecting a lot of the country. Farmers understandably complain about ruined crops, and business owners complain about lost bookings and fewer visitors. There’s been little in the way of a spring, though we could work on the garden occasionally.

Working our way through classic episodes of Doctor Who is interesting. At season 9 now, with Jon Pertwee, who was my first Doctor. I’d forgotten how argumentative this Doctor could be with Lethbridge-Stewart, though the smirk of amusement on the Brigadier’s face softens their confrontations. It’s a delight to see Katy Manning as the companion (Jo) being that she voiced the short audio story I did for Big Finish Productions. I remember her, of course, though I recall which episodes I’ve seen by the monsters more than anything. I’d also forgotten how adventurous Jo Grant was.

I am writing, though there’s not much to report right now, as I’m mostly doing some editing rounds and re-writes. Not very exciting but that’s how writing goes sometimes.
Stay happy and healthy!
Sharon x

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