Dragon #13

To choose a thirteenth dragon, I thought I would opt for one of my largest. Something grand. I ordered this online many years ago, and what surprised me the most was although I saw him pictured, there was nothing to suggest the wingspan. Indeed, I took these photos some time ago in a different house and area to the one where I’m living now, and gave up trying to get the whole dragon in the photo. I don’t think I had quite such a fabulous camera, and trying to focus on both the height of the dragon and the wings proved difficult. I hope these photos show this dragon off to its full splendour.

Dragon #12

My last dragon post, I put up a photo of a Butler & Wilson dragon brooch I own. I have another red dragon brooch that’s far smaller, but this week… Well, if you have the B&W brooch, it stands to reason you need the earrings to match. Love these little guys. I don’t wear nearly often enough, though our lives of going out have been extremely curtailed, mine especially. Anything that raises a smile is much welcome, and they had me at ‘dragon’.

Dragon #11

As well as having a few dragons around the house, I couldn’t pass up a dragon to wear. Though I have a smaller dragon brooch than this, I thought I’d show the largest this week. It’s from Butler and Wilson. Red, of course. Though also available in gold, the red called to me.

Dragon #10

Actually, two dragons. Quite fragile, and they feel like they’re made of clay. Feel homemade, though I’ve seen them around, and expect they’re more mass-produced than that, but still love them.

Have to keep these two together. I found them in a little shop in Dorset.

Dragon #9

Today I thought I’d showcase another of my favourite dragons. Came across this in a shop in Tintagel, Cornwall, and just love the twisted body and the way the Dragon stands.

I didn’t take these photos in my current home, but the dragon looks especially good against the rug I had at the time. So well balanced.

You better watch out! And no… cough; definitely not one of my cheaper ones, but liable to stay with me, always.

Dragon #8

I did not take this photo in my current house, but that only shows how long I’ve had this little fella. And when I say little, it’s one of my largest and favourite dragons. We got him while holidaying with friends in Dorset many years ago. They named him Sparky. He’s made from wood pulp, so though he was near a fireplace when I took this photo, it wasn’t lit.

Dragon #7

This is a memory of when life was normal, and we were all able to go out and about without worry. Seems fitting, as we’re struggling to find somewhere that’s not heaving with people.

Found this little guy in a shop in Wales last year. I also liked a wolf, but it was far smaller and they were all the same price, which didn’t seem right. When collecting dragons, for the sake of space, sometimes I have to go small.