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Featuring my short story The Wolf Moon and my poem Ichabod… Ichabod… Ichabod…:

The Wolf Moon

Diana, the huntress. Her mother called winter a time of silence. For Diana, most of her life is quiet, her only companions wolves. Known as a witch by those in the human settlement even her rare visits to town are unwelcome.

Gabriel, named after the angel; although he’s no heavenly messenger, he refuses to trap what the locals want him to catch. When he sees Diana, he’s on the hunt for different prey.

Two people, strangers to each other, both outsiders… A harsh winter is upon them, but when their paths cross it will take a little ingenuity to survive the coldest of seasons.

Ichabod… Ichabod… Ichabod…

A worthy wight by the name of Ichabod,
once tarried in the glen of Sleepy Hollow.

Available from Amazon (print) UK & US.

or directly from the publisher (print or pdf) https://bloodredshadow.com/

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