Dark Fiction

One only has to look at a cross section of my short stories to realise, whatever genre I choose, most of my work carries a dark thread which I hope to carry through into longer length work. I look to this creative strand when categorising much of my short fiction. These elements also bleed into the novels and short fiction I’ve created for Doctor Who, Lethbridge-Stewart, and Space 1889. Whatever the setting, be the antagonist human or some influence not of this world, there’s a dark intent or outcome, something mysterious, something concealed, and wherever light shines it creates a shadow.

To view more details, visit my DARK FICTION WEBSITE.

Short Stories:

  • Big Finish Productions (Doctor Who)
  • Candy Jar Books
  • Night to Dawn (as Sharon Bidwell, Sharon Kernow, and S.M.Bidwell)
  • Fox Spirit (as Sharon Kernow)
  • Red Velvet and Absinthe — Cleis Press
  • Shotgun Honey
  • Radgepacket — Byker Books
  • Midnight Street
  • Roadworks
  • Aoife’s Kiss — Sam’s Dot Publishing
  • Untreed Reads
  • Gothic Fairy Tales
  • Fantasy eZine
  • Dark Moon Rising
  • Legends Magazine
  • Mocha Memoirs
  • Paragraph Planet
  • Full of Crow


  • Roadworks
  • Whispers of Wickedness
  • The Black Rose


Candy Jar Books (Lethbridge-Stewart)

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