Please support the authors you love by adhering to copyright regulations.

The same laws apply for digital books as digital music etc. Purchasing an ebook does not give the reader the right to share it.

Many readers ask why they cannot share an electronic book when they can lend or give a print book. The answer is simple. It is ILLEGAL to COPY a digital file.

While many authors would not object to a reader making a back-up copy for their own personal use to prevent loss, you cannot ‘give’ a digital book to another person without first buying another copy (or, in other words, more than one license).

Most people, when they file-share or pass on a digital file, keep the original, and therefore a copy is made. Do so and no matter your personal views or reasons, you are breaking the law and hurting the writers whose works you profess to love. Many of these authors struggle to find the time to write on top of a full-time job while trying to have a normal life. Many people believe producing digital copies of an item has no cost, but this is simply untrue. For one thing, it costs the author in hours and hard work.

Please show your support by reading, accepting, and abiding by copyright law. Do not give out files or accept them from file-sharing sites and always report a breach of copyright.

NOTE: Uploading or downloading works protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright owner is an infringement, and the copyright owner may not have the authority to give permission while works are in contract. In such cases, the publisher may act to the benefit of the copyright owner and to bring the matter to the attention of the copyright owner and the site where the infringement has occurred. The copyright owner, publisher, and distribution site may take legal action against such infringements.

Anyone found to have infringed on copyrighted work maybe be liable for statutory damages.

Files shared and distributed over computer networks are often copyrighted works. Not only are those providing files liable, those downloading such material also risk liability. Some such files carry the risk of viruses, spyware, and other malicious coded software. Please purchase works only through authorised outlets and services to protect yourself as a consumer, and also to protect the interests of the writer.

If you have purchased an ebook, you MAY NOT FILE SHARE IT in any manner.

Thank you.

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