Praise for Other Works

Effigy in Garnet

Well, my goodness. A literary vampire tale that does not have the word “vampire” in it. It’s a love story, of course, not a vampire story. Still, how could I possibly refuse this one…?

ps. This is a really good story. —Tyree Campbell, Managing Editor, Sam’s Dot Publishing

A “Keeper”… —Barbara Custer, Editor, Night To Dawn

Silver Apples of the Moon

Sharon Bidwell is definitely one to watch. Silver Apples of the Moon (ROADWORKS#13) was a story I couldn’t resist. It had all the elements that are important, including originality, great characterisation – you can almost feel the pain and anguish – and sensitivity that makes the reader remember the story long after reading it. As an editor, I read a lot of stories, most of which I don’t remember, but this one had me gripped from start to finish. This is a writer who’s going places.’ —Trevor Denyer, Editor, Roadworks.

Bitter and Intoxicating (from Red Velvet and Absinthe anthology)

I loved Bitter and Intoxicating. I devoured it in one sitting. It skews perfectly with my own sensibilities, especially IN THE BLOOD. —Rick Reed, author.

Writing quality: Certainly doesn’t disappoint, perfect typography and grammar. Overall very well-written; I couldn’t have done better with editing and structure. Complaints: Really none at all *grin* erotica is my favorite genre once again. Stories I liked: Favorite is Bitter and Intoxicating by Sharon Bidwell, by far! Hot hot hot! —caffe vitale

This was an interesting tale, filled with passion, fervor and artistry both in the descriptive use of the words and the subject matter. —Vampirique Dezire

Equal Opportunities (Radgepacket Volume 5)

“Frightfully malicious.”

Arachne’s Labours (previously published at Full of Crow)

“The story’s brilliant. Very poetic, very disturbing, leaves you wanting more.”

Rose Light

I know absolutely nothing about British nineteenth century class distinctions yet it felt real to me even in its remoteness. You were absolutely right when you said “You think you know this story, but you don’t…”

I have to say, as an admirer of BBWs, your comparison of Margaret’s sex with Rose’s father shook me up … it still lingers with me … and yet you totally nailed your intention in that scene. I suspect it will be a long time before I forget that one. Not to mention the ending…

But the novelette of “manners” the whole E.M. Forrester feel to the meeting at the graveyard at the beginning … there is so much to the story that fascinates me. Yet above all, your story felt real. Thank you for the incredible read.

—Diane Charles Linford-author

“I read your story, not knowing what to expect … I am well impressed.” —Reader Comments

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