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(Please note, although some of the links, particularly the author links, may go to sites with adult content, none of the links to my knowledge goes to any sites featuring any tasteless material.  However, as I know from experience, links can fall into disuse or be hijacked. Should anything on here be out of date or take you somewhere you feel inappropriate, please contact me so I can check it out. Thank you.)

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Get Radge: “Industrial Strength Fiction” at Byker Books.

Sam’s Dot Publishing produces many publications including Aoife’s Kiss (now part of White Cat Publishing).

Authors Network is an excellent resource run by author and editor Karen Scott. She has written The Internet Writer’s Handbook and A Writer’s Guide to the Internet. Read her list of memberships, and services on the website. Assistant editor, is Diana Hayden.

Before you get lost in the wealth of information at Authors Network, I would like to suggest that you take the time to view the Mission Statement. It simply and accurately depicts ‘the internet’ with regard to the concerns of the ‘writer’. Although I would like to stress there is nothing like reading from the printed page, the internet has provided access to several new forms of publishing, both in print and in electronic form. It is also a reference at your fingertips. In addition, as I have often stressed, there is a difference from a hobby writer who is entirely happy presenting their work on a personal site, and sites that are professionally run and dictate standards.





GLBT writers and readers
launch revolutionary online community
Gay Indie Literature Industry Unites

Looking for Romantic Ideas? is a site overflowing with romance ideas and inspiration infused with an uplifting personal growth message. Browse romantic gift ideas, romantic movie and product reviews and romantic love letters to copy. Enjoy original love stories, romantic love poetry and beautiful romantic art. Find comprehensive collections of romantic love quotes, romance tips and love relationship tools. Visit Romantic Ideas Online:

There are a number of yahoo groups for both writers and readers of modern cross-genre romance novels to join. You can chat to authors and read news of their work. These are just a few of them:

Changeling Press “Bar & Grill”

Loose-Id Community

An Alternative Read Group

Romance Excerpts only

Coffee Time Romance (yahoo group)


Manic Readers


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Rick R. Reed (“You could call him the Stephen King of gay horror… Unzipped magazine)

Beth Williamson

Brenda Williamson



Beautiful Steampunk inspired jewellery from Jezebel Charms (one of my favourite sites):



For a gift with a difference! Louise Hugill created a special bouquet for me to mark a special occasion. She also helped me run a competition with a wonderful rose as a prize. I would love to do something like this again and I’ve the perfect book in mind. The only trouble it I have to get around to writing it first. LOL.


As a lover of all things dragon related I stumbled across The Gothic Shop. The site has split into several shops selling different merchandise. When they discovered I was a writer they were kind enough to give me a link. I haven’t ordered from them for more than a little while, but when I did they provided excellent, fast and efficient service!


Welcome to The Gothic Shop! We specialise in gothic and alternative clothing for ladies and gents, gothic bags, decor, jewellery, fairies, makeup and a cornucopia of other delights.

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