Space 1889 & Beyond

Because a very special project deserves its own pages.

Look out for future releases in the series, which will include:

Mundus Cerialis (co-authored with Andy Frankham-Allen)

A Fistful of Dust

Space: 1889 is a role-playing game of Victorian-era space-faring,[1] created by Frank Chadwick and originally published by Game Designers’ Workshop from 1988 to 1991 and later reprinted by Heliograph, Inc. in 2000 and 2001.

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Untreed Reads is proud to present Space: 1889 & Beyond, a brand-new series of books based on the award-winning steampunk role-playing game created by Frank Chadwick. A universe in which Victorian science has breached the barrier of Earth’s atmosphere and is spreading out among the stars.

I was pleased to be approached and commissioned to write for this series. I’m delighted to have been given such great characters to play with, and awestruck to receive the approval from an editor and author like Andy Frankham-Allen, and an author/creator like Frank Chadwick.

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Press Release

Mundus Cerialis

A Fistful of Dust

The Draco Eye

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