How to be more Creative

A good while ago I put up a post linking to a speech famously given by John Cleese in 1991. I’ve lost the link to that post but found this one. On a good note, it’s less than five minutes to watch rather than the previously quarter of an hour. It also addresses many of the key points in that speech. It’s worth paying attention to. My thoughts returned to this because although we’re finally in our new house I’m struggling to get back into writing mode. I’ve two books that desperately call to be finish, but it feels as though everything else equally requires my urgent notice.

Generally, there’s probably not a day that goes by when I don’t wish I could follow his advice; sadly, my brain has to work when it gets the opportunity and doesn’t know how to switch off activities. I absolutely understood a moment he refers to, though, when he says you sit down and remember a thousand things to do. That could not be truer after a move, after a major upheaval of completely relocating your life and existence to another part of the country. Living here doesn’t feel real because of so many things, not least my trying to recall how to be creative.

Greetings from the South West!

Long time no hear but there’s a good reason for that. We’ve moved…again! It’s been a disruptive few years but we’re staying put for a long while this time. It’s said moving is one of the most stressful experiences. This time I was so stressed mainly owing to non-information and not knowing whether we were going to have to deal with the uncertainty of being homeless for a few weeks (therefore relying on the kindness of family and friends), I developed a rash ‘often caused by stress’. A joyless diagnosis when all one wants to do is scratch off at least several layers of skin. Yes, this move was difficult but the so was the last one. The real cause, I believe, was not the stress of a single move but all the stress we’ve had for the last four years. I’d love to tell everyone that life has settled down and we’re now completely stress-free. Not the case, but things ‘are’ better. Much better. And on our journey the evening we travelled to stay with friends for a single night we watched a marvellous sunset.

We’re slowly settling in and decorating as we furnish the rooms. I’ll be happy to finally have wardrobes but having had one delivery already, I know that will include a significant amount of cardboard. This was just a fraction of our cardboard mountain to date. Not that much of it will be wasted. We’ve recycled most and some will go on the garden as it’s currently resembling more of a bog. On our first ‘expedition’ to a corner, I lost a shoe. We’ll need the cardboard just to walk on the soil and it can also be used as weed matting. It’s the smallest garden we’ve ever owned and I have plans to make it beautiful…eventually. Moving takes time even when you’re finally where you want to be.

On a better note, the first room we completed is my study. All the books are unpacked and shelved. From today I’m trying to return to something of a routine. I have two books to urgently finish and more edits likely landing in my inbox come May, so now I’ve warmed up my fingers on the keyboard rather than a paintbrush I’d better get to work.