The Wolf Moon

My short story The Wolf Moon finally released the other week and continues my foray into Dark Fiction. I plan to blog another time about how the story came into being (will be guest-blogging with the publisher at a future date), but for now, the story can be found in the Fox Spirit anthology Winter Tales. Though these tales may seem surprising to my romance readers, this type of fiction is where I started. What’s held me back from pursuing more in this genre is the lack of an idea to produce a full-length novel. I’ve written long romances and long steampunk stories, and played with numerous themes, but nothing that comes close to the darkness explored in my short stories…until now. I’m pleased to say I’ve an idea that’s nagging at me. The trouble is, right now I don’t have the time to write it. I’m working on a project that I just submit soon although I don’t know whether it will be suitable, and I’ve promised to re-work and re-release some romances. This basically involves as much editing as writing. I’m ploughing ahead as fast as my muse and ability to type will allow.

Fox Spirit was a good publisher to add to my Dark Fiction resume: shortlisted for the Best Indie Press twice in three years by the British Fantasy Society, their mission statement summarises the belief that day to day life lacks a few things, namely the fantastic, the magical, mischievous and a touch of the horrific. They aim to produce books ‘full of wonder and mischief delivered with a sharp bite’. My short story definitely applies. Diana may or may not be a hunter, but Gabriel is no angel.

Diana, the huntress. Her mother called winter a time of silence. For Diana, most of her life is quiet, her only companions wolves. Known as a witch by those in the human settlement even her rare visits to town are unwelcome.

Gabriel, named after the angel; although he’s no heavenly messenger, he refuses to trap what the locals want him to catch. When he sees Diana, he’s on the hunt for different prey.

Two people, strangers to each other, both outsiders… A harsh winter is upon them, but when their paths cross it will take a little ingenuity to survive the coldest of seasons.

Shiver under The Wolf Moon, one of a collection of Winter Tales.

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Update note: In this version, The Wolf Moon was published under the name of Sharon Kernow.

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