Update December 2017

I missed blogging last week because I was too busy with edits. I’m pleased to announce I’ve signed contracts and completed about everything for another foray into the life and times of one Lethbridge-Stewart. More on that shortly. For now, you might like to pop along to the new Lethbridge-Stewart website and dig around.

I’ve about caught up with work in progress and have some new plans for 2018, with projects spanning several genres, some studying, and other things. I’m even ‘having a go’ at plotting, interesting for a general ‘pantser’ of a writer as in ‘fly by the seat of’. Won’t surprise me if I end up doing a little of both. As for this month, although I’ll likely be back with an end-of-year message or two, for now I’m taking a break, and a much-needed holiday. Best wishes to you and yours.

I’ve rather sadder news to mention before I end on a more upbeat note. Many of us heard this weekend that my major publisher, Loose Id, is closing. It’s hard to hear as I had hoped to write for them again this coming year and was working on finalising a submission. I’ve had a rough four years, which included two moves and other issues. Problems that seriously interfered with and finished my hoped-for writing schedule. I had at last hoped to return to working with Loose Id as I had next to nothing new out with them during that time… a time now finished but unforgettable.

Loose Id gave me my first full-length publication. They helped me step from the realms of publishing short stories in magazines to writing longer length work. Though not my only guidance, they were there at the beginning, and I’ve taken that learning process, added to it, and use it in other genres. Those I’ve worked with will always have my gratitude. Such closures have almost become part of the publishing industry backdrop but on this occasion, for many, it truly feels like the end of an era. My books will be available with them until the end of May 2018. As to the future for those titles… I’ll let you know as when I decide. There’s no reason to re-release without at least tidying these titles.

On a better note, the last book in the ‘Snow Angel’ trilogy released on 2nd December in ebook form, with the print copy available soon. Books 1 and 2 are already available (those ordering from the UK may be best to do so from Amazon) in re-edited and even extended editions. Don’t forget, I also run separate Dark Fiction and Romance Sites if you want more extensive information.

Book 3: Christmas Angel

True love’s path seldom runs smooth. Can love change a man who doesn’t even understand himself?

Available from JMS Books and many good outlets.

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  1. Hi Sharon,

    I have been so out of the loop and I didn’t realise Loose Id was closing. This is incredibly sad news. Loose Id was one of the first e-publishers out there. I was sad when Samhain Publishing closed and now Loose Id – truly end of an era. I find a lot more authors are slef publishing, more control and just more savvy that the need for e-publishers is becoming non existent. I can’t say I have bought any book from Loose Id directly for years and I guess that’s the crux of it.

    I CANNOT believe the 3rd book is out :))))) where have I been. I honestly didn’t realise you were releasing it this year! I have purchased and will be reading tonight. I’ll be sad to see these characters go – but I am so incredibly blessed that you went back re-worked and re-released this book (and gave us a new title). Thank you & best wishes to you and your family.


  2. Hi there. Sorry for not replying sooner but I’ve been on holiday. Nice to hear from you again. Loose Id closing. Yeah, that one was a shocker and came out of the blue so when I posted this I’d only just heard myself. I’d say most people don’t buy directly from these publishers now and, unfortunately, that’s killed off many. It’s cut into profits for small and not-so-small publishers and authors alike. It’s a sad time in the publishing industry, much of which readers know nothing about. No real reason they should but being more open about what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ would likely be a good thing.

    I meant to tell you about the third book but everything got away from me and then I went away. I wasn’t sure I’d make it this year but yes, we got it out. I’m sad to see these characters go, too, but I think a trilogy for this kind of work is enough. Even if only a few are happy to see the re-edited editions and now print copies I’m glad I’ve been able to answer the wishes of a few. Many thanks for reading, always. Wishing you and yours all things good in the coming year.

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