Dragon #1

I make no secret about the fact I love dragons and own a few. Some would say more than a few, but they fill only one cabinet, so it’s far less than I could own if I let myself buy every one that caught my eye. Buying dragons began a while back. If I saw one that ‘spoke to me’, as objects do, while on holiday in the UK I would bring take it home with me. In that respect, my dragon collection has taken many years and hasn’t grown all that fast. I bought another the other day. People cried out to see it, and so I shared the occasional post featuring my dragons.

There isn’t much of a story to go with this one except it’s a garden ornament I have no intention of putting in the garden. It’s metal and no matter how many years it’s designed to last, invariably the elements will wear it down. I’ll set him by a window in the hope the light will work but, if it doesn’t, I didn’t buy it for the light. I loved the colours. When my other half first saw this, his words were, “Is that a garden ornament?” to which I replied yes. “I wouldn’t put that in the garden,” he said, so there is some method to my madness.

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  1. that is awesome and I agree no garden

  2. Awesome is a good word! 😀

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