Dragon #2

Another dragon share this week (in no particular order). Although I’m often attracted to the unusual dragons, those independent crafters have created on market stalls or stumbled upon in small shops, it’s difficult not to be tempted by more commercial designs. It’s also becoming more impossible to tell whether something has been created in bulk commercially. I once bought what I thought was a handcrafted ornament only to discover a couple of years later there were many of the same design available in various sizes, though that didn’t make me like what I’d bought any less and that’s the important distinction.


I’ve had this little Dragon in a Teacup for about eighteen months. I ordered a few items, a couple of which were unavailable. The shop asked whether there was anything else on their site I liked and I said this little chap… who was a pound or two more than what I had paid. I said to bill me for the difference, but they never did. I might not have bothered otherwise, and I’m more delighted with this than I probably would have been with the actual items I’d selected. It’s small and much heavier than it appears to be.

Produced by Nemesis Now, a company from Stoke-on-Trent selling fantasy gifts since 2003. Part of their fairies in a teacup range, I’ve also seen this called the ‘Good Morning Dragon’. The artist is Amy Brown.

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