Subdued Creativity

Life on lockdown is strange. Yes, I know many are acting as though the whole thing is over, but I have family and friends in medical services, and I know it’s not. Even when your daily routine isn’t all that affected, there’s something about lockdown that seems to subdue creativity. I’m not the only writer who has complained about a lack of motivation.

Needing an outlet and something to lessen the stress of lockdown and that motivational abyss, I tried my hand at a more recreational pastime. Instead of fingers to keyboard or pen in hand, I picked up a pencil and paintbrushes. With the help of a few art project books, I started drawing again.

Coloured Pencil Layering

Life is never easy, though this time comes with its own range of particular difficulties. Hoping to pass on something a little inspirational here are a few of those practice pieces. One thing entirely new, I’ve been learning to sketch, which is a distinct form of drawing and one that’s a little unsettling as most of these I’ve done straight off with a black pen.

Black Pen Sketch

I’ve tried to draw again before, but it’s never felt as right as it does now. I think my focus was elsewhere, and I was forcing it. Whatever you’re doing and where ever you find inspiration, many people are trying something new and I hope, along with reading (never stop reading), you find something else to do equally enjoyable.

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