There’s Plagiarism and Then There’s This…

This week I’m not writing a blog myself but draw your attention to a blog excellently written by the author Mitzi Szereto. I know Mitzi’s work, and I know how she edits. She’s not an easy editor to please, holding high standards for work she accepts. These days she’s currently focusing on her True Crime series. I can assure you she writes nothing like the trash someone has put her name to. In addition, if the perpetrator has taken someone’s name, you can bet they stole the content.

This is an important topic for writers, publishers, AND readers because you don’t want to buy a piece of rubbish you believe written by your favourite author and mark them down for substandard work, when the work isn’t theirs. My advice, though I hate to complicate already busy lives, is to check author websites, if in doubt contact the author, as now one cannot take a listing even on Amazon as assurance of a legal and genuine product. You don’t want to hand over your hard-earned money to a criminal. It’s also identity theft and a serious crime. Yes, you heard right. There’s plagiarism and then there’s THIS.

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