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Been recovering from Covid, mostly. Read a lot, watched TV, slept and slept, and slept again. A dry cough remains, and my taste still isn’t 100%. Alas, it also sets back the advances I’d made owing to acupuncture. Not sure whether I’ll have more sessions — I’ll wait until the medical services allow my acupuncturist back to work and then discuss the situation. Hate needles and, though prepared to give it another go, I won’t continue going through this if he can’t do more (there are a few ways to ‘tweak the prescription’). Our good most immediate neighbours moved out. Missing them already, though we’ve no chance yet to know what the new ones are like.


Still re-watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and will be for some weeks as there were several seasons. Completed Prodigal Son. Sorry to see Fox cancelled it, but such is the way with some many shows, especially those from the US. Was still worth watching what episodes there are for the excellent stories and performances. Still, it deserved one more episode or a special to finish it. Drives me crazy when these production companies show fans such little respect by cutting shows off without a proper conclusion. Have watched nothing else noteworthy.


The Elementals, Michael McDowell

I’m so pleased to have read this. I loved the setting and the characters, which create a unique atmosphere for this haunted house story. The heat portrayed makes you want to lie around doing nothing but melting and reading this book. There are some truly spooky scenes, though I found the buildup more sinister than the ending. Towards the end, the book feels a little rushed because of the languid though absorbing journey to get there. Indeed, I found the slower parts of the book carry the more eerie aspects, so that when the story speeds up, as a climax should, it almost diminishes the scare, leaving me feeling the novel was over too fast. Still, the curious happenings and daunting disturbances are worth spending time with.

Stolen Tongues (ebook), Felix Blackwell

This book came to attention on Reddit leading to publication, so it created something of a stir on social media recently. Like many others, curiosity led me to read it. I like the background to the story and the reasons for the author writing it (detailed in the author’s afterword), and some parts of the book have a decidedly creepy factor. However, it didn’t scare me and I felt the story went on for too long. I could often picture this being far more unsettling if filmed.

Grave Sight, Charlaine Harris

The first good thing about the book is the protagonist has a decidedly different feel to that of Charlaine Harris’s most famous leading lady. There’s no confusing Harper Connolly with Sookie Stackhouse. I immediately liked many of the characters, and Harper comes across as strong but vulnerable, an intriguing combination. The series appears to be very much a mystery thriller and has a more focused and mature quality to the work. I enjoyed trying to figure out the culprit. The end is logical and entertaining, but the twists to get there are more so. One of four. I’m reading on.

Grave Surprise, Charlaine Harris

The second novel in the series featuring Harper Connolly, a woman with a strange talent for sensing the dead. This book features a well-rounded mystery, though this time I figured out a few lead suspects of which one was right. We also learn more about Harper and Tolliver, although I’m not sure I found the romantic aspect entirely feels right or even necessary.

An Ice Cold Grave, Charlaine Harris

The third of four Harper Connolly novels — the woman who senses the dead. This is the most brutal of these well-plotted mysteries so far, and I’m getting better at choosing likely suspects as I get more used to the series. Still undecided about the romance included here.

Grave Secret, Charlaine Harris

The last of the Harper Connolly novels, we at last learn the truth behind the question of her sister’s death, although this feels somewhat abrupt, almost as though the first 3 books were a setup of Harper’s romantic interest, before the grand reveal. Entertaining enough, I’m glad to have read them.

Midnight Crossroad, Charlaine Harris

At first, I thought this was a fifth book in the Harper Connolly series, but it’s more of an extended spin-off because it contains Manfred, a character from those books. Extended, because there are some wild, and wacky, and supernatural inhabitants of Midnight, and it’s mostly those that keep this mystery going. There are apparently two more books and I’m so taken with the people living in Midnight, I’ll read on.


To the possible spammer who tried to convince me I’d spelled Fether wrong on my website so needed spelling correction, good try (and if you’re not a spammer, apologies, but this kind of thing happens too often to take that kind of remark as anything else). That was a name as part of a title of a short story by Edgar Allan Poe. I’m impressed anyone would bother looking so hard, though, unless they did it with some kind of programme.

Cosmic released. Re-edited by me and added to, although at heart the same, I’m glad to see this one out again, as I like these characters.

I also worked on and subbed a short story at a request. I’ll let you know about that as soon as I know anything more.

I’ve more than a bit of self-editing to do before I write more, but am understandably behind having spent time getting back to feeling well.

Stay happy and healthy!

Sharon x

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