Update Feb/Mar 2023

No update last month as not much to report, so a longer Reading section to cover two months next week. In the last weeks, the husband finished setting up the wall cabinets with ‘slight’ help from me, and I cheered to type a few sentences, albeit at an awkward and tiring angle, and to wash up and cut vegetables. Small conquests. I’ve improved some, but have booked some physiotherapy. Ironically, it’ll be cheaper for me to pay locally than to get cabs to and from the hospital if I could put up a strong enough fight to get an appointment. Remember, I’ve been told the wrist has healed however it’s healed and to go home and use it. I’ll keep exercising until I’m seen, but I think I could do with some help now, or at least advice. I’ve had my first story acceptance in a long time, which was pleasing as so much has been/is on hold. More on that at the end.

We’re ploughing our way through Bones as we never saw them when our Sky Box melted years ago. Sky insisted we still had a box and would do nothing, so we dropped them. Have to say we’re enjoying the show much more this time without the interruption of adverts.

We’re also working through Hotel Del Luna, a South Korean series blending horror, comedy, romance, and fantasy thanks to the supernatural setting of a hotel which acts as a kind of limbo for those spirits not ready to pass on to the afterlife. Loving it, and especially like the look of the show, but the episodes are long and need attention owing to the subtitles, so it’s taking some time.

Also watching Beyond Paradise on BBC iPlayer, though it’s strange to see Looe in Cornwall as the fictional village of Shipton Abbot in Devon. Amazed there wasn’t a riot as the Cornwall/Devon divide is real.

If you only had hours to live, would you want to know exactly how long you had left? Night to Dawn Magazine will publish a short zombie story of mine entitled Brain Dead. More news when I have it.
Stay happy and healthy!
Sharon x

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