Update June 2023

Glad to say we had a lovely holiday in June and it was the best we’ve had in a long while. I managed to ‘cope’ despite health issues. Also, the week away allowed us to visit a friend’s grave at long last, and to meet up with his wife. We spent a fabulous day together including a wonderful lunch concluded with a cheesecake that was surely death on a plate but truly gorgeous. We also got in plenty of coastal walking, the longest walk of three hours being on the South West coast path.

At long last finished watching Bones having missed the last three seasons on its first televised run. Supernatural (another missed series on its original run) and Dark Shadows is ongoing. Catching up now on Netflix shows, we began the limited series Midnight Mass which, though slow in parts seems to have some memorable moments including excellent dialogue. It’s promisingly spooky, though we’ve only watched 2 of 8 episodes so far.

Have had little time for films. Watched Don’t Worry Darling, which is a modern twist on The Stepford Wives. Good, but nothing exactly new. We also came across 12 of the 14 old Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes films, which have been remastered and watched one of those. So short as to be hardly called films today, but we watched one and may watch more. Guess I’m showing my age, but I still like Rathbone’s version of Sherlock and they’re great nostalgia.

I know I’ve been quiet — I feel like I’m forever apologising for breaking my wrist — but I’ve managed a little self-editing and have spoken to my publisher about releasing another older, previously published title, so I will be submitted Wildest Dreams this week.
Stay happy and healthy!
Sharon x

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