Update July 2023

Had a horrendous trip to the in-laws. Traffic jams, roadworks, diversions, reports of animals on the road and people throwing things from a bridge. Could anyone have thrown anything else into the mix? If I put all this into a story readers would say I’m being melodramatic or unrealistic, proving life is stranger than fiction. All this added a good couple of hours onto the journey, which did me no good at all.

Once back home, we continued with our ‘refresh’ of the house, repainting one wall in the guest bedroom, and touching up any marks. It’s never looked so good. I’ve now moved on to the room’s ensuite shower room, but discovered the wall needs a little attention once I pulled off the paper. I think it’s because we papered over bathroom paint, so we’ll put a different base coat on the wall we intend to re-paper once it’s repaired. Otherwise, there’s not much to do in there with snagging (small cracks in new builds) only over the shower.

We finished the Netflix limited series Midnight Mass, which turned out to be a questioning religious take on vampire mythology. The arguments presented and the thought-provoking dialogue were exceptional. About to finish watching the Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes films, which have been a nostalgic joy. And we watched series 4 of Stranger Things (Netflix), which we enjoyed the most of all the seasons. The way Netflix enhanced the sound was excellent and I hope they make this a more regular feature.

I now know why I’ve not written much since breaking my wrist, having received my latest edits. Many were stupid mistakes because I was typing with one hand and using dictation. However, surely my brain was also scrambled, as I should have caught most, if not all, of them during the last read. I must have gone over it too many times by then, so my eyes filled in the blanks, which is why writers need an editor or at least a second set of eyes. Fortunately, I have a fab editor. Wildest Dreams this will re-release in the autumn.

I also received my copy of Night to Dawn magazine #44, also out this autumn, containing my short story Brain Dead. More on that nearer the time.

Stay happy and healthy!
Sharon x

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