Re-release of Wildest Dreams

I’m pleased and relieved to announce the re-release of Wildest Dreams at JMS Books on the 22nd of September. Pleased because, having broken my wrist at the start of the year, I’ve not written let alone released much this year. Relieved because something happened to the file and between me and my editor we found far more errors than there should have been or usually is my manuscripts. I’m still not entirely sure what went wrong, but such is the joy of working with technology. The important is, we got there.

Detective Inspectors Frederick Dick and Riley Silcox have more important things to concern them than their names being a source of amusement. While Riley embraces his homosexuality, Frederick’s attraction to Riley brings him nothing but torment. Although Riley suspects Fred might be gay, if true, he’s certain the man isn’t happy about it, and Riley doesn’t intrude where he’s not wanted. Despite being on assignment, Riley has no reason not to pursue other relationships, especially with the attractive Scotsman, Calhoun. If only he knew how much Fred wants him, it could be a different story.

They endeavour to uncover a new and exclusive drug with strange side effects and recuperative powers, but become victims when they find the supplier. Does Frederick only hallucinate running wild in the woods? Or, like Riley, will he choose to run naked, baring not only his body but also his soul, revealing the reason for his celibacy, and why having Riley around means that isn’t working out for him, at all.

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