Update Jan 24

Hi Everyone!
Sorry there was no update for December, but not a lot to report. Trip to relatives, horrendous traffic, and a general hatred of travelling anywhere on a major holiday. A definite reason to exclaim one is getting too old for this. And January always seems to be a bit of a bleak month. Illnesses in services have interfered with our receiving various treatments or tests. And, despite my vow to not spend more on the garden, various plants await better weather so that they can go in the ground. There’s also a few more to come.

We’re continuing with a few series, including Doctor Who originals. So nice to see finally The Web of Fear, Doctor Who, Season 5 with Patrick Troughton as the first book in the spin-off series of novels featuring Lethbridge-Stewart was The Forgotten Son, written by Andy Frankham-Allen, which follows on from the yeti invasion by the great intelligence. A series I was fortunate to write for. Watching the old shows also made me realise what an excellent book Andy had written in his unofficial guide: Companions, Fifty Years of Doctor Who Assistants.

We finally got around to watching The Full Monty series (Disney+), and were pleasantly surprised. We thought it would be good, but it has real social commentary, funny, sad, and serious. Every episode flew by.

I have attempted to write again, somewhat delayed with one project potentially lost as I can’t find the article whence the idea sprung. Not as bad as losing actual writing, but a reason to grind teeth for sure. Nothing to report as I’ll be in the old rewriting phase for sometime on an existing draft.
Stay happy and healthy!
Sharon x

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