I confess…

I’m a writer who’s not been writing. That is to say, anything I’ve written in the last few months is for something that’s personal to me, not for publication, or maybe one day to show a few specific people.

Reasons I’ve not been writing are many, including having got out of the habit owing to the wrist break last year (good now but not perfect with some aches), but mostly because I’ve been more focused on exercise and health issues, which would be easier if I gave in and sat at home, but I refuse to be a shut-in at my age. I may avoid people at times (or certain people all the time), but I enjoy getting outdoors and going to new destinations. It’s taken a long time for my mindset to get around to ‘screw this’ even though I’m going to struggle. I see an acupuncturist as a last resort because the health service can’t do anything for me — the only available meds made me worse. I foolishly didn’t even realise I was dealing with a cronic pain issue, until my acupuncturist said, and then I felt like crying. But I choked it back and carried on, which is the way I’ve handled most things in life. Yes, sadly, life gets in the way sometimes, despite the best intentions.

As for the writing, I’ve got three projects in mind. Something for re-publication, a work in progress, and something new. I’ve started on the re-publication project to get used to writing again, and have proof-edited one chapter and come up with ideas to add to it. I’m not running a race but I’m now motivated to finish.

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