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Hi Everyone!

Enjoyed a lovely break in one of our favourite places: Tintagel. One of our main reasons to stop for a few days was to put flowers on a friend’s grave in St. Materiana’s Churchyard on what would have been his birthday, and to spend an afternoon with his wife, including going to lunch. Although I struggled somewhat, I still completed a walk to Rocky Valley, which included some amazing views of Bossiney Beach. I’ve been to both before, of course, but had not seen them from this viewpoint along the coast. I’ve been joking I’m officially old as I’ve now got myself a pair of walking/hiking sticks, but everyone of all ages was using them and some steps on the coast path can be so steep, it’s worse than trying to step onto a chair. Once I had one leg high enough, there was nothing left to push with. I’ve since looked up how to use them correctly and recommendations say they enable people to walk farther, save fatigue, and strain on many areas of the body. The ones I bought aren’t wonderful, but if I get on well with them, I may invest in a better set. I could have used them at the beginning of the week rather than the end, but I’ve got them for next time.

I also finally spent my birthday money buying a few souvenirs. I was especially pleased to find two excellent panoramic prints, one of Tintagel and one of Boscastle, which weren’t too big, and make lovely keepsakes. Naturally, we enjoyed some lovely meals notably at Charlie’s, the Boscastle Farm Shop, and we at long last made it to Inkie’s Smokehouse at Golitha Falls. I probably shouldn’t mention it as it’s always been heaving (or closed) when we’ve tried to go, and the increased foot traffic, although bringing more visitors to the falls (free), has eroded the area. I also note that the toilets are still ‘under refurbishment’ but as that sign has been up for over a year, I have to question its authenticity. Only horrid Portaloos on site, I’m sorry to say.

At long last finished all 15 seasons of Supernatural, and I completely understand the fan base. It’s impressive that they kept the story flowing so long, increasing the trials and tribulations as one should do in a long running show. Although it leaves a viewer somewhat bereft when one stops after viewing for so long, I feel they stopped the story at the right point. No one can face a greater foe than… well, in case anyone hasn’t seen it, I won’t spoil anything; those who know will get my point.
Moved on to watching The Wheel of Time series, and think it’s a decent adaptation from the books. I read them so long ago, it’s hard for me to remember every detail, but the salient points are all there. It’s hard to please everyone with any book adaption and with something this epic, it’s impossible to include every point.

Also watched A Murder at the End of the World on Disney, which has kept me gripped even though I feel the protagonist is, at times, TSTL (too stupid to live). The ending was a surprise. Most of all, we’ve had a blast watching Fallout. I guess dystopian western sci-fi is the best way to describe it. Funny, entertaining, and yes, violent and a little gory in places, though that part maintains a somewhat cartoonish edge in that it’s fast and never quite believable. Mind, I don’t even find the violence in most horror films believable. People don’t continue to rise to their feet despite the odds, and would many times die of shock. I guess Fallout could also be called shocking for those who cannot believe what humanity is capable of. But the series isn’t what I expected, constantly moving, interconnecting the characters in surprising situations, with barely a pause. I also love the music they chose for the soundtrack.

We’re into the Tom Baker era of Doctor Who and I have to say, although I’ve liked many of the Doctors, and as much as I have a huge soft spot for Jon Pertwee, in part because he was my first Doctor, in part because he was so good in the role, Tom Baker takes the award for best original Doctor. His was the perfect balance between eccentricity and seriousness. I’m also surprised that as a child I didn’t realise how ahead of the time the female companions were. They were always strong-willed, independent women. Strange that the Beeb allowed these characters, though I won’t go into why I think so. Let’s say I heard they didn’t exactly practice what they preached, especially all those years ago. Even more recently women have had to, and still, campaign for equal pay. Admittedly, often these companions rushed somewhat foolishly right into danger, but at least they didn’t sit still, waiting to be rescued.

Following on from what I said last month, I have been writing, postponed for a week when away, but in the days allotted for writing, I’m pleased with my progress.
Stay happy and healthy!
Sharon x

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