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Hi Everyone!
We had a lovely holiday staying just outside Carbis Bay. Managed lots of walking. Went into St Ives twice, once walking along the coast path, once via a short train op from St Erth. The weather was lovely, even too hot (for me), so I didn’t mind when the weather broke mid-week, giving us a couple of cooler days. Not been to the bottom of Cornwall for many years and won’t be going that way again until the work on the A30 concludes. Although not as bad as we feared, roadworks still caused a 50 minute delay in the journey.

The house refresh goes on, although we’ve finally moved on to the upstairs hallway. Next it’ll be the bannisters and, finally, the downstairs hall. I have to say the colour Poetry in the Crafted range by Crown proved to be the perfect colour. The only way I can describe it is like a soft but strong pistachio green.

We’re still working our way through Supernatural, now on Season Six. I finally get why the series had such a fan base. Once the series got over the basic Sam and Dean just hunts a new monster every week and became more personal, it took off. That’s the basis for all good writing. Create characters your audience can care about and then throw as much and increasing conflict at them as possible.

We’ve got way more to watch than we have time for right now, so I’m behind most people starting new seasons, but I’ve been a fan of Black Mirror and was happy to see series six appear, which we’ve just started. Joan is Awful, episode one of season six may be my favourite episode to date. It is funny even as it’s thought provoking, questioning the use of A.I. and our rights along with so many relatable issues in a world using so much technology.

Also saw Good Omens 2, which I loved, but then it’s difficult for me not to love anything by Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman (yes, Terry has gone but he and Neil worked on the book and kicked around ideas for a sequel), or staring David Tennant, or Martin Sheen, so this was always going to be a treat. I can’t say I loved season 2 as much as season 1, but as Neil has explained, this season acts as a bridge between 1 and 3. He has promised we will get the third instalment ‘in some format’. Let’s hope the third series gets made, although I’d also love the trilogy in print. Some hated season 2 because of the ending, but have they not heard of a cliffhanger? That end is not the where the story finishes. In Good Omens, angels and demons are genderless and asexual and, I confess, I’ve never considered Good Omens as a love story, but I’m happy to accept it either way. It’s simply great story-telling.

Two announcements this month. Wildest Dreams re-released at JMS Books, and Night to Dawn #44 magazine, featuring my short story Brain Dead, is now available.

Detective Inspectors Frederick Dick and Riley Silcox have more important things to concern them than their names being a source of amusement. While Riley embraces his homosexuality, Frederick’s attraction to Riley brings him nothing but torment. Although Riley suspects Fred might be gay, if true, he’s certain the man isn’t happy about it, and Riley doesn’t intrude where he’s not wanted. Despite being on assignment, Riley has no reason not to pursue other relationships, especially with the attractive Scotsman, Calhoun. If only he knew how much Fred wants him, it could be a different story.

They endeavour to uncover a new and exclusive drug with strange side effects and recuperative powers, but become victims when they find the supplier. Does Frederick only hallucinate running wild in the woods? Or, like Riley, will he choose to run naked, baring not only his body but also his soul, revealing the reason for his celibacy, and why having Riley around means that isn’t working out for him, at all.

Stay happy and healthy!
Sharon x

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