Reads September 2023

False Memory, Dean Koontz
This was a re-read for me, and I’d forgotten how suspenseful this book is. Still, I must admit I enjoyed the first two-thirds more than the last. The overall arc is a thriller with a not-so-subtle subtext of dysfunctional and functional families. Enjoyable characters, though like many books, the bad guy became almost comically accentuated (though truly repellant enough to love to hate), as did the terrible mother and father(s) of the plot line. The basic idea is frightening when taken seriously (and I dread to think one day possible if it isn’t already), but the final third to quarter of the book often left me chuckling, though by that time I just went along for the ride when a surprising new patient turns up. It’s difficult to explain further without spoilers and I hate when reviewers do that, so I won’t. Some parts of the book feel overwritten, going on too long, though some of these made the characters’ despair resonate deeply, while those toward the end of the book made me want to skip through a few pages. This well plotted and exceptionally executed book has all the right emotions embedded, but would benefit from some tightening. One warning: it may be triggering for those who’ve suffered abuse.

The Satsuma Complex, Bob Mortimer
Not as out loud funny as I imagined, but a fun, quirky, entertaining thriller that’s highly amusing. I loved the characters, especially Grace and her dog, Lassoo.

Scratchman, Tom Baker
Reading this made me feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Bizarre. Surreal. Far more wild and wacky than I was expecting, but who can fault the wild and wonderful imagination of Tom Baker? His sense of humour shines through? The theme of the book is fear, and this resonates by the end. I’m tempted to get the audio, just to hear this brought to life by the author/Doctor.

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